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 The Treaty

    The Treaty of Renewed Friendship states that those who sign  acknowledge the Lenapes as the indigenous caretakers of these lands and agree to support the  Lenape Tribe in their unique way.  Although this  is not a legal, binding document, it is an agreement of heart, mind and spirit.  Its words carry the integrity of our ancestors and the hope of our children.  Those organizations and individuals who sign this treaty will forever be a part of our mutual history and the stories that we tell our children.  They must make the commitment to "stand up well" as a living testament to the fact that environmental, cultural, and historical awareness is the key to our future.

Read William Penn's first letter to the Lenape people.

Treaty Of Renewed Friendship

In the spirit of Chief Tamenend, and in the spirit of William Penn,

We the undersigned do openly recognize the Lena'pe Indian tribe as the original inhabitants of eastern Pennsylvania. We acknowledge the Lena'pe people as the indiginous stewards of their homelands and also as the spiritual keepers of the Lena'pe Sippu, or Deleware River...

And we do hereby commit to actively supporting our Lena'pe sisters and brothers in whatever way we are able to, for a term of four years, helping to maintain the cultural identity of Pennsylvania, Deleware, New Jersey and Southern New York.

We will support the Lena'pe people in one or more of the following ways:

  • Hosting/exchanging cultural/educational/environmental programs
  • Partnering as caretakers of the Lenape homeland and Delaware River
  • Assisting in Lena'pe language revival projects
  • Assisting in displays / exhibits of Lena'pe culture
  • Helping the Lenape people to obtain and/or protect sacred land sites
  • Encouraging updated curriculum in public schools
  • Attending Lena'pe functions
  • Volunteer service and support
  • Distributing Information
  • Financial Assistance

We also recognize that this treaty is good for a term of four years. August 17th 2014 until August 17th 2018, at which time a new treaty may be entered into.

May these partnerships serve to heal the past, give direction for today, and brighten the future as we move forward, learning from the mistakes of some of our local forefathers, and may we together, bring to light the cultural and geographical significance of Pennsylvania, preserving this natural history for all of our children.

May the creator of all things embrace us as we move ahead.


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Treaty Signers 2010

Abitare Design Studio LLC Stephen J. Maffei
Arch Street United Methodist Church Dale Shiltito
The Brinton Organization of America, Inc. Francis Brinton Jacobs II, President
Dawnland Tribal Alliance Nokomis
Churchville Nature Center Marge Custer
CROP Action Team Jasper Jones
Delaware Highlands Conservancy Sue Currier
Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Maya van Rossum
Delware River Greenway Partnership Marion M. Kyde, PhD President
Tinicum Conservancy
Equinunk Historical Society Carol Ann MacMaster
Earth Rights Institute Alanna Hartzok
Native American Alliance of Bucks County  Nokomis
NEPA Audubon Society Katharine Dodge
Northampton Junior Conservation School Rick Sherry
Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society L. Anderson Daub, President, Board of Governance
Occupy Easton
The Peace Project Kids for Peace Rosemary Gallagher
Pemberton Band Of Keetoowah Chief Harry Blue Wolf
Penn Association of Native Alumni Sara Strickland Cynthia W. Harrison
The Penn Memorial Jason Penn Browne, President
Pennsbury Society at Pennsbury Manor Mary Ellen Koontz
The Peopling of Philadelphia Collaborative, Inc. Marlene M. Robinson, Director Pompeston Creek Watershed AssociationCynthia Pierson, President
Regent Press Mark Weiman
Roxbury Historic Trust
St. George's United methodist Church Donna Miller
Seven Cedars Drum Michelle Windwalker Chris Ann Wheeler Constance Birtch
Rosemary Bushy

Shawnee Preservation Society Martha Carbone, President
Sisters of Saint Joseph Earth Center Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark, SSJ
Tabernacle United Church Mia King
Tidewaters Gateway Partnership  Richard H. McNutt
Tri-State Unity Coalition Perry Gower
Unami Lodge One Michael G Comfor,t Kyle Hallowell, Lodge Chief, Todd Malora
University of Pennsylvania Museum Robert W. Preucel
Vietnam Veterans of America Sgt. Al Turtle Fariole
Wayne K. Photo.com Wayne Kachelries


Paola Bacchetta - Berkley, CA
Michele Belluomini - Philadelphia, PA
Robin Bridgewater - Hillsborough, NJ
Evonne Turner Byfield - Freehold, NJ  

Beryl Candido - Glenside, PA

Frances Canupp - Philadelphia, PA
Bill Chambres - Elkins Park, PA
Joan Chambres - Elkins Park, PA
Judith Cisneros - Philadelphia, PA
Mike Comfort - Norristown, PA

Betsy Cullen - West Chester, PA
Neil Cullen - West Chester, PA
Melanie G. Dante - Lancaster, PA
Christine Darby - Moorestown, NJ

Amitanshu Das - Philadelphia, PA
Ms Teresa Deni - Philadelphia, PA
Marlyn J. DeWitt - Saugerties, NY
Catherine Duggan - Philadelphia, PA
Trent Robert Eisenhart - New Cumberland, PA
Laura Frank - Elkins Park, PA
Marsha M. Fulton -
Livingston, MT
Bruce Gerber - Philadelphia, PA
Sharon Gerber - Philadelphia, PA

Joyce Goldberg - Holland, PA
Phil Goldberg - Holland, PA
Jewell Gregory - Glennview, IL
Lorna Hainesworth - Randallstown, MD
Ray Harshbarger - Clifton Heights, PA
Allison T. Hedges - Philadelphia, PA LTC
Edward S. Henning AVS (RET) - Easton, PA
Donna M. Hodorowski - Philadelphia, PA
Jean Hodorowski - Philadelphia, PA
Dagmar Hoell, Kimberton, PA
Kathleen V. Hogan, Esq - Haddon Township, NJ  
Roberta E. Hoose - Berwyn, PA
Penny L. Hummel - Palmyra, PA
Valerie R. Hutton - Philadelphia, PA
Niholas C. Horvath - West Chester, PA
Frank T Innes Jr. - Philadelphia, PA

Anita Juni - Paoli, PA

Aileen Kennedy - West Chester, PA
Donna Marie King - Tucson, AZ
Marian Cuff-Sayores King - Tucson, AZ
Mayo A. King - Philadelphia, PA
Nina Monique King - Bishee, AZ
Daniel Kline - Philadelphia, PA
Valerie June Kolaga - West Chester, PA
Pam Kosty - Havertown, PA
James Christopher Lang, Chester Co., PA

Jennie M. Lawston - Elkins Park, PA
George LeClercg - Newark, DE
Jeanne LeClercg - Newark, DE

Terri List, Philadelphia - PA

Brenda Macaluso - Kennett Sq, PA
Marcus Macaluso - Kennett Sq, PA
Jessica Makin - Philadelphia, PA

Hugh McCammon - Equinunk, PA
Rachel McCammon - Equinunk, PATannis
V. McCammon - Equinunk, PA

John McVeigh - Upper Black Eddy, PA
David Minderhout - Bloomsburg, PA
Cora Pinhak - Havertown, PA
Joseph Pinhak - Havertown, PA

William Pinhak - Havertown, PA
Richard Prestholdt - Bridgewater, NJ 
Denise Reich - New York, NY
Donald R. Repsher - Bath, PA
Alison Richardson - Philadelphia, PA
Renee Ridgeway - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Helen L. Ringgold - Elkins Park, PA

Joanne Robson - Warminster, PA

Dante Sandoli - Philadelphia, PA

Vivian Schatz -
Philadelphia, PA
Cherie Schmoyer - Allentown, PA
Jeffery Schmoyer - Allentown, PA
Wahupa Scott White Eagle - Bensalem, PA
Connie Shapiro - Downington, PA
Honey Shashaah - Bensalem, PA
Sharon Ann Shea - Philadelphia, PA
Dave Simon, NCSP - Bethlehem, PA
Jane Simon, NCSP - Bethlehem, PA
Suzanne Smulz - Phoenixville, PA
Michael R. Snowden - Glenside, PA
Jessica Steel - Cinnaminson, NJ 
Dr. Judith Storniolo - Drexel University
Carl Trinko - Bristol, PA
Mary Trinko - Bristol, PA

  • Nancy A. Wisser - Nazareth, PA

Treaty Signers 2006

  • Delaware Highlands Conservancy
    Delaware River Keepers
    Churchville Nature Center
    Pack Shack Adventures
    Marion Kyde: Vice President, Tinicum Conservancy
    White Dog Cafe
    John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove
    Cecilian Center for Earth Arts and Spirit
    Shawnee Preservation Society
    Pennsbury Society at Pennsbury Manor
    NEPA Audubon
    Arch Street United Methodist Church
    Tri-State Unity Coalition
    Bucks County Herald
    Donald Repsher
    Bristol Borough Community Partnership
    Native American Alliance of Bucks County
    Eric S. Labacz

    Pompeston Creek Watershed Association
    Tidewater Gateway Partnership
    Equinunk Historical Society

Treaty Signers 2002

Delaware River Greenway Partnership
Musconeteong Creek Watershed Assoc.

Pompeston Creek Watershed Assoc.

Tinicum Conservancy
Phillipsburg River
Delaware River Keepers
Packshack Adventures

Roaring Creek Farm

United Methodist Church of Philadelphia

Unity Church of Sussex New Jersy
Pennsbury Manor
Bachman Public House
Equinunk Historical Society
East Stroudsburg University
Churchville Nature Center
Silverlake Nature Center